Samuel Lind introduces his pioneering fully digital art venture in "Ella Natura," a harmonious fusion of photography and digital artistry, celebrating multifaceted representations of Mother Earth. This collection eloquently captures the essence of four goddesses synonymous with fertility and nature: Afrodite, Oshun, Gaia, and Inanna. Each embodiment shines brightly in Lind's imaginative digital realm, paying tribute to their timeless connection to the Earth and its myriad wonders.

Samuel Lind's "Ella Natura" collection stands out with its vibrant colors, capturing the essence of Mother Earth. Each piece is meticulously printed on clear acrylic, enhancing the colors and creating a captivating glass-like effect. With second-surface printing on a 1/4" acrylic panel, images seem as if they're embedded within glass. The prints, with a depth of 0.75 inches, come ready to hang and float 1.5" off the wall.


Ella Natura


In the heart of Afro-Caribbean folklore lies Gia, a lesser-known but deeply revered goddess representing the Earth's nurturing and bountiful essence. Rooted in ancient tales that span the islands, Gia's lore seamlessly intertwines African spirituality with Caribbean landscapes, representing the harmonious blend of these two vibrant cultures.


Ella Natura


The marine painting collection highlights coastal life and the characters who inhabit it, becoming part of their daily existence. These figures take center stage in Samuel Lind's works, immortalized on his canvas.


Ella Natura


The characters in my works are everyday beings that encapsulate the lifestyle defining a community. Faces shaped by hard work and immense pride in their industrious nature. From Cacica Yuiza to the present day, they serve as a source of inspiration.


Ella Natura


Culture is the expression of a people proud of their identity. My work draws from that ancestral energy. The dance, the traditional celebrations - everything pulses with the light of tropical rhythm. They're like visions from a living canvas that beckon me to create.