Embark on a journey through culture and heritage with the Culturales Collection by the visionary artist Samuel Lind. Each piece in this extraordinary compilation is a window into the soul of Puerto Rico, meticulously crafted to celebrate its rich tapestry of traditions and customs.
From the vibrant rhythms of Bomba to the intricate patterns of vejigante masks, Lind's artistry captures the essence of Puerto Rican culture with unparalleled depth and authenticity. With every brushstroke, he invites you to delve deeper into the island's history, exploring its diverse influences and timeless rituals.



Baile de figura

Experience the depth and intricacy of Lind's artistry as he masterfully conveys the essence of bomba dance. From the fluidity of motion to the intricate details of costume and expression, "Baile de Figura" celebrates the unique beauty and vitality of this cherished Puerto Rican tradition.



De la raiz a la bomba

"De la Raíz a la Bomba" celebrates the profound legacy of Puerto Rico's musical traditions through a captivating tableau. At its center stands a conga drum, its roots anchored firmly in the rich soil of cultural heritage. This symbolic portrayal speaks volumes of the enduring influence of Afro-Caribbean rhythms on the island's identity.
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baile de bomba en las carreras

"Baile de Bomba en Las Carreras" pulses with the lively conga rhythms that animate the streets of Loiza, Puerto Rico. Here, the conga drum reigns supreme, its resounding beat propelling dancers forward in a joyous celebration of movement and music.Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere captured on canvas. Vivid colors explode from the painting, echoing the vibrant energy and spirit of the dance.



La bailarina

Experience the captivating allure of "La Bailarina" as she takes center stage, her every step and pose a testament to her elegance and artistic expression. Let yourself be transported into her world, where the rhythm of the dance becomes a language of its own, speaking volumes about the beauty of movement and the power of self-expression.